The Most Popular Brands for Swimming Pool Pumps

Some people are loyal to one particular brand and would never consider a pool pump made by a competitor. For those of you who are just entering into the world of pool ownership, it is difficult to choose from among all the brands and models that are lining the shelves. To help you get started and pointing in the right direction, we have compiled a list of the most popular brands for swimming pool pumps below.

Pentair pool pumps

Pentair has long been known as a manufacturer of high-quality pumps and various other pool related accessories. They are consistently looking for ways to improve the technology they use in order to create pumps that have less noise and are more efficient.  Pentair is leaning hard into automation research and there are many different models to choose from in various power ratings. Key features include Energy-Star certification, self-prime, single and two-speed options, quiet running, and a larger than average strainer basket. Among their current best sellers are the SuperFlo High-Performance Single Speed 1.5 hp and the UltraTemp 70k BTU Heat Pump.

Hayward pool pumps

Hayward has been in the business of pools for more than eighty years and they are widely recognized as an industry leader. Although they have their hands in almost every area of pool equipment, their pool pump division has a stellar reputation. New and improved models are in constantly in development as they strive to provide the best products possible for their customers. Along with Energy-Star certification and quiet operation, other key features are extreme durability, oversize basket, corrosion-proof permaglassXL housing, and a premium high-performance impeller and motor. Current best sellers include the Power-Flo LX and the Hayward Super Pump.

Intex pool pumps

Intex is another household name in the pool industry. From pools to equipment to accessories, there is nothing they don’t have their stamp on. For more than forty years they have been expanding their line of products, making them a customer favorite with their range of products. Their mission statement has always been to bring the consumer high-quality products at prices affordable to everyone. Every model has its own set of special features but energy efficiency and quiet operation is something they all have in common. Some of the most popular pumps currently sold by Intex are 1500 GPH Cartridge Filter Pump, the 1200 GPH Sand Filter Pump, and the Krystal 3000 GPH Sand Filter Pump.

Jandy pool pumps

Originating in the 1950’s, Jandy boasts almost seventy years of pool experience. They focus highly on product development and innovative design, especially in standard pumps and heat pumps. They are a favorite of customers because of their heavy-duty motors, quiet operation, and built in energy technology. They are extremely compact, making them perfect for pools with limited space, yet designed specifically to output higher end power ratings. Popular models include the Jandy Plus HP and the Jandy Stealth.

Whichever model and brand that you choose, you can have confidence in your purchase if you pick from those listed above. They regularly receive top reviews from both buyers and testers. Find the one that suits your particular situation and enjoy healthy swimming water all season long!

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