Hayward SP15932S Power-Flo

Designed for both in ground and above ground pools, this pool pump has been equipped with features that ensure that the pump can resist all kinds of wear and tear it is exposed to. This pump prides itself as being corrosion resistant and heat resistant, making it perfect for use under all kinds of weather conditions. Take a look at its amazing features and get blown away by what this pump can do for you.

Features of this pool pump

In ground and above ground

Having to get different types of pool pumps because you have varying types of pools does not seem like a good idea as it will end up costing you more. Getting this pump ensures that you will not have to get separate pumps for your pool as it has two discharge features. With the simple touch of a button, you can decide whether you want the discharge directed horizontally or vertically, doing away with the need for more than one pump.

Horsepower and speed variations

This pump is available in two types of horsepower: 1 and 1.5. The pump can also operate efficiently at two different speeds, allowing you to choose the speed that will handle the situation at hand in a more efficient manner.

Highly efficient motor

The motor, made of heavy duty material, has been designed to operate at optimal levels. To ensure that its performance remains at a high level, air ventilation into the motor has been enabled through the use of air inlets. The air allows for the motor to be in cool conditions while operating; avoiding overheating. To further enhance the efficiency of the motor, a thermal load protector has been installed to automatically shut off the motor should it be under conditions that could lead to overheating and thus prevents damage to the pump.

A high-quality impeller has been used in the design which works by preventing the entry of debris such as leaves into the motor which could cause a malfunction.

Huge basket

Designed with a basket that is of industrial size, you can go for long periods without having to clean up the accumulated debris. This reduces the level of maintenance needed. To make it even easier to maintain the pump, a see through cover has been installed to let you see into the strainer without taking the lid off.

The Hayward SP15932S Power-Flo Pump


Energy efficient

With two speeds available, you can choose a speed that will result in lower running costs, making this pump energy efficient for you and thus saving on the energy cost incurred.


To ensure that the pump serves you well for years to come, thermoplastic material has been used in the design. Given that this material is corrosion proof, you can use the pump outdoors without running the risk of the pump getting ruined by environmental factors such as the rain. The pump comes with a one year warranty which covers you against any damage that may come to the pump through no fault of your own.

  • Energy efficient
  • Durable
  • Variable speeds
  • Noisy operation


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