Hayward SP1775 Power-Flo II

This pump will work wonders for you if you are looking for a pump with self-priming capabilities. This low maintenance pool pump has very high performance and can meet your pool and spa cleaning needs at a very affordable price. Wondering where else you can use this pump? You can use this pump to clean water fountains, ponds, and small aquariums. Read on to find out more about this versatile water pump.

Features of this pool pump


It can be used to clean various kinds of pools and spas and it works for both in-ground and above ground pools which save you money if you have both kinds of pools. Its use is not only limited to pools and spas and it can be extended to clean other types of water bodies such as aquariums to keep the water clean and free of impurities.

Self priming

An integral diffuser has been used to enhance rapid priming.

Hayward SP1775 pool pump


Big basket

A big basket has been used for the collection of debris to lengthen the periods between cleanings to make maintenance of the pump quite easy. Should you wish to look into the strainer, this has been made easy through the use of a see through lid which allows you to tell whether you need to empty the basket without having to open the strainer.

High-performance motor

The motor used in this design has been made of stainless steel which is corrosion resistant and this makes it possible for you to use the pump outdoors where it will be exposed to moist conditions. Air ducts into the motor have been availed for allowance of cooling as the motor operates and a thermal overload protector is in place to shut off the motor if it is faced with a situation that could lead to overheating. This allows for ease of maintenance.

Compact housing

The motor has been encased with material that is corrosion proof, which makes it easy for you to use the pump in all kinds of weather. A double sized seal that is resistant to heat has been used in the housing to make it even more durable. The housing is completely leak proof which ensures that no water can get into the motor’s working parts and damage the motor. A drain plug has been used to enhance easy maintenance of the pump.


This pool pump has been built to last and serves your needs for a very long time.

  • Easy to set up
  • Great suction ability
  • Compact design built to last
  • The strainer clogs occasionally


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