Hayward SP2610X15

This pump has been designed for use in all types and sizes of pools and spas to give excellent results. Hayward super pumps are known for their efficiency in pool cleaning and we have outlined the features that make this pool pump the best for your pool and spa needs.

Features of the Pump

A large range of horsepower

Different pools require different kinds of horsepower and Hayward designed this pool pump with that in mind. You can get this pool pump in ½, ¾, 1, 1 ½, 2 and 2 ½, such that whatever power you need to clean your pool, this super pump has got you covered.

Swing away knobs

The hand knobs that come with this pool pump are easy to use as you can easily pull them off. If you wish to open the strainer to empty the debris, you will require no tools; which makes it easy for anyone to use the pump. In addition to swing away knobs, the pool pump has no loose parts and no clamps which make it easier to assemble and use. So, if you are new at using pool pumps, worry not for this pool pump is quite easy to use.

Transparent strainer cover

It is quite the hassle if you have to take off the strainer cover each time you wish to use your pump so as to tell whether the strainer needs to be emptied. With this pool pump, the strainer cover is transparent and this allows you to simply take a peek through the cover to make your decision.


The debris holding basket is quite large and it comes with extra leaf holding capacity. In this way, you are not required to empty the basket often which leads to less maintenance.

Installation and maintenance

Whether or not you have used a pool pump before, you will find it easy to set up this pool pump and get to cleaning. The installation process is quite simple and is aided by the fact that there are no loose parts in the ensemble. Access to internal parts for maintenance purposes is easily gained through the use of four bolts and this makes the process efficient.

Heavy duty motor

The motor is designed in a way that air ventilation is possible which reduces overheating and allows for cooling, thus making its operation quiet.


  • Ease of maintenance due to four bolt access and huge debris basket
  • High performance of motor due to air ventilation and lack of overheating
  • Easy set-up process aided by lack of loose parts
  • Durable
  • It is a little noisy (but nothing too terrible)
  • Not cost effective

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