The Top 5 Ways to Maintain Your Swimming Pool

Having a pool in your backyard may make you the most popular house on the block but it takes some work to keep it that way. After all, no one wants to swim in a pool unless the water is clear and there are no visible algae. A pool is meant to be refreshing and relaxing, and it will be – as long as you keep up with maintenance. To dive right in whenever the mood strikes, read the top 5 ways to maintain your swimming pool below:

Keep on top of leaks

Is it evaporation or a leak causing low water levels in your pool? Perform this simple test to find out: Place a plastic bucket into the pool and fill it 3/4 with water, marking the line on the inside of the bucket. Once it has settled, make the same mark on the outside of the bucket. Check after 3 days. If the water level in the bucket is higher than the pool, there is a leak. If both inside and outside of the bucket remain consistent, the problem is with evaporation.

Understand your water

It takes work to get sparkling, crystal-clear water. Testing the pH regularity to ensure that it is healthy and clean is essential. The scale runs from 0 to 14 and measures both alkalinity and acidity. A safe range is a reading of 7.2 + 7.8. Testing kits are available wherever you buy your pool supplies. Most owners use test strips or reagent kits due to ease of use. Reagents require taking a water sample from the pool and adding tablets or liquids. The will change colors, showing the chemical balance. Test strips are different. You submerge one in the pool water for several seconds and then compare it to a pH color chart. Add chemicals at this point if needed.

Clean, Clean, Clean

Inevitably, bugs, leaves, and other types of floaters find their final resting place in your pool. Skim the pool several times a week. Along with removing unwanted items, skimming increases your pools circulation system efficiency. Vacuum the surface of the pool, clean out strainer baskets, and use a brush to scrub the tile and walls a minimum of once per week as well. Chemical use will decrease and keep algae from forming. If you need a pool pump to help clean your pool, refer to our pool pump reviews guide.

Maintain the filter

There are three types of filters for pools: diatomaceous earth, cartridge, and sand with different cleaning requirements. Refer to the owner’s manual to see how often yours needs attention. When it comes to filter cleaning, stick to the schedule the manufacturer has set. One sign it is time for a cleaning is when the flow meter and pressure gauge have increased flow.

Heater service

Cold water is a major deterrent to jumping right in your pool, even on a hot day. Some people rely solely on a solar blanket for heating. Others take full advantage of their pool’s heating system. For the most part, heaters do not require service more than once every few years. The main reason to keep your heater clean is to avoid a restriction of flow caused by a build-up of calcium deposits.

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